Helping you is what I’m passionate about doing.

As I explained in the About Me page, I was once in position of starting a business with very little business knowledge, and no practical experience with entrepreneurship. I jumped in head first, and quickly found out how hard it was to swim.

I often felt like I was alone, and that the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I couldn’t fathom how anyone could possibly manage to keep up with everything that needed to be done on a daily basis. But little by little, I found my feet and pushed forward, driven solely by tenacity and determination – or what some people refer to as grit.

Grit is something I’ve found entrepreneurs tend to have in spades, and it’s probably what push many of you to get through each day. No matter how helpful resources can be, it is something you have to do yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. There’s so many different ways to make things run smoother, and improve the quality of your business operations AND your life. The below are just a few of the ways Notional will help entrepreneurs – just like you.

1. Help you discover how using systems can change your business

Systems were a game changer for me. I never understood how much systems could help me produce and change my business, but they were truly the key to my success. Once I was able to nail down exactly what I should be doing, and when I (or a team member) needed to be doing it, it was smooth sailing.

I built systems for everything from managing sales leads, customer contact information, storing standard operating procedures, creating a company wiki, managing team communications, project and task management, and many more. When I started using them in my personal life as well, it was game over for anything standing in my way. I was unstoppable, and you will be too!


2. Remove your feelings of overwhelm

If there is one emotion I remember and dreaded the most, it was the sinking feeling over being overwhelmed. Of feeling like I would never be able to get on top of everything. That I would never have all the skills or know-how that I needed to be a good business owner, or a good leader. That everyone around me knew exactly what they were doing, and I was just over here pretending, and even doing a terrible job of that.

There’s no secrets here! I’m here to give you every tool, thought, and idea I can muster up about how to start, run, or improve your business, and subsequently your life. I want Notional to be your life raft in the water when you feel like you’re going down with the ship.


3. Show you how systems solve problems

One great thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that Problems. Are. Projects.

You can take every single problem you have, no matter the size, and turn it into a project. And often times that project is as simple as building a system that eliminates the bumps in the road and smooths out the process, to eliminate said problems.

Systems. Solve. Problems!

These are not the boring, stuffy systems of your Marketing class you had to take for 3 hours every Wednesday at 8am, and wondered how anyone could possibly be awake for that. Sometimes I really think colleges are trying to keep things secret. Especially things they talk about at 8am.


4. Guide you in the direction that’s right for you and your business

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business, can feel like you’re sailing a ship with no compass, lost at sea with a raging storm all around you. Frankly, I’d be lost at sea even with a compass because I have no sense of direction, but I am hoping to help you with your own compass.

Not sure what to work on first? Don’t know which fire is the biggest? Can’t figure out what the next level is? Something wrong you can’t quite put your finger on? I’m here for you.

We’re a team now, and we’re going to move forward in the RIGHT direction together. Or maybe the right direction for your business isn’t something we can do together, but in any case, you will know which way to be moving.


5. Provide practical steps and advice you can use right now

There’s a lot of discussion about business and entrepreneurship, and a whole lot of theory, and not much else to go with it. (Are we talking about college classes again?) I will not provide wildly imaginative ideas with absolutely nothing concrete to back them up. Sure building out that whole franchise that will make you millions of dollars a year sounds incredible, but let’s start with where we’re at right now.

When I help you with a solution, it will be a step by step, or practically explained process that you can implement, with or without help. No more fancy pie-in-the-sky ideas here (or Lucy in the sky if you prefer). Notional is 100% down to earth, and here to help with the problems you’re having right now.

And if you ever have any questions about anything in the blog, or an email, or any other communication, just let me know, and once again – we’ll figure it out together.



I want you to be the most successful entrepreneur that walked the earth. That is my goal with building Notional. I will use Notional to show you how systems can change your business, and how you can subsequently change the world. We’ll remove your feelings of overwhelm and that nasty imposter syndrome. I’ll show you how you can build systems to solve your problems, guide you in the direction you want to go, and provide practical advice you can use right this very moment.

If you’re ready to get started right now, download the Complete Systems Checklist.  Remember that thing I was saying about how systems solve problems?  This is a checklist of nearly every system  you might need. 

Start here!  Review the list, mark down what systems you have, what systems you need, prioritize them, and you’ll know exactly which way to head first!


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