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When I first started my business, I couldn’t believe the amount of content I felt I needed to make just to “keep up”.

  • Instagram captions
  • blog posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook group contributions
  • tweets
  • writing on Medium
  • creating and recording videos
  • scripting podcasts
  • and the list goes on…

It was straight-up out of hand.  I had blog posts drafted on Google docs, Instagram caption ideas scribbled on various pieces of paper, a Gmail account full of inspiring emails, graphics created and saved in various folders, content ideas in three different notes apps -it was a super hot mess. 

I needed a plan, and a system.

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content you need to create?


How does the Content Creation Studio work?

The studio guides you through three distinct steps of creating your content.

Step One

The Content Bank allows you to store any and all content ideas you have for every content platform you use. You can store any media type in  your content bank including graphics, quotes, text, and video.

Step Two

You then pull your content ideas and create a plan for what content you’ll publish and when.  This space is organized in several ways including by week, month, and platform.

Step Three

Now that you have the complete plan for your content, you move to content creation.  Each platform type includes a complete process for creation.  Just follow the checklist!

The Content Creation Studio also includes…

Social Media Hubs

Each social media hub includes your platform specific content including your ideas, a status pipeline of your current content, a media database to collect resources, a tools database for quick access, links to frequently used pages, and a metrics database to track your results.

Resource Toolkit

Your toolkit includes a database to track all of your keyword research, quick access to keyword tools, and a hashtags database where you can store all of your hashtags for copy and paste convenience.

Media Platforms

This section contains all the other media platforms outside of social media.  Each one has both a daily and weekly workflow for must-do tasks, content ideas, status pipeline of current content, tools database, quick links, and each of their own metrics.

You'll master the content creation process by...


Always feeling inspired. Brainstorm content ideas using the Ideal Client Avatar Center and create the exact content your clients need.

Following the market research process to get all the market insights you’ll ever need

Just looking at your ‘Next Up’ list whenever you’re ready to create!

Knowing each step of the process and when you’ll complete it.  Creation calendars help you keep track of what you’re writing next.

Seeing a bird’s eye view of everything you’ve made.  The publishing calendars show all the content you’ve published across all of your platforms or by individual platform.

Keeping inspiration close at hand using the Writing Support Center. It contains space for inspiring quotes, visual inspiration, or any other media you want to include in your content.

You'll expertly manage all your social media content by...


Knowing everything you need to do each day with a daily AND weekly workflow for EACH social media platform.


Not constantly hunting for hashtags You’ll have all of yours at your fingertips!

Having all the tools you need for each platform in ONE place.

– Knowing exactly what’s working and what isn’t with the Metrics database, including metrics for your website, social media, and newsletters.

Following the steps for each process with the included checklists for video creation, podcast creation, blog post writing, and more!

Organizing all of your ideas in one place, easily categorized by platform or content category.

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Complete Content Planner

5 Social Media Hubs

More than 20 checklists

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Content Creation Studio built on?
The Content Creation is built entirely with Notion.
What's Notion? Is it free?
Notion is an incredible no-code software that allows the ultimate flexibility in creating apps and databases.

Notion has a completely free plan that is MORE than sufficient for you to use the Content Creation Studio.  You’ll never need to pay for an upgraded plan to use it.

Is Notion easy to use?
Notion is super intuitive, and the Notion template you’ll purchase is easy to use with little to no prior experience in Notion.  Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Notion for a closer look.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of the product, we are not able to offer refunds.  However, we are happy to help you with any questions!

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